Where to Find Free Music

December 9, 2023

0 Day Music – Where to Find Free Music

Whether you are creating an online video or need to find the perfect soundtrack for your next big project, free music is a great way to save time and money. Luckily, many sites have a large selection of copyright-free music. These include: FreePD, Museo and the Free Music Archive.

These sites have tracks that are fully in the public domain and can be used freely, even commercially, with attribution. Other tracks are available under a Creative Commons license.


If you’re looking for copyright-free music for your video project, there are a number of options available. These sites offer a wide range of songs and genres, including upbeat and positive, epic and dramatic, and romantic and sentimental. Some of them also include sound effects.

FreePD features a sizable catalog of royalty-free music that’s licensed for use without attribution or restriction. Users can browse tracks in various categories, such as World, Dramatic, and Horror. The site’s interface is easy to navigate and allows for instant downloads. You can even choose a tier to get more high-quality MP3s and WAV files.

Another option is Musopen, a no-profit organization that digitizes out-of-copyright music and makes it available for free online. It offers a large selection of classical music, but it has a smaller selection in other genres. Users can download music instantly and can explore a third of the collection for free. Users can also purchase credits to download more tracks.

Free Music Archive

Founded in 2009, the Free Music Archive is a great place to find copyright-free music. It’s a curator-centered service, which means that the songs are vetted and selected by a team of FMA curators and community members. It’s also a good place to discover new artists.

You can listen to and download tracks for free. If you like what you hear, you can “tip” the artist via a PayPal link. You can also learn more about the artists through their bios. The website also has weekly community blogs.

Incompetech has a huge selection of music that’s licensed under CC-BY. You can search by mood, instrument, genre, or even composer. The site is also helpful for film projects. All the music is available to use for any purpose, as long as you provide credit. The license is also valid for commercial purposes. The music is also used in podcasts and other video projects. The site is a collaboration between the Free Software Foundation and Tribe of Noise.

Creative Commons

CC offers a suite of free copyright licenses that give creators a choice about how they want to share their works. Its licenses provide a flexible middle ground between stricter copyright law and the total lack of reservation of rights (known as the “public domain”).

Creative Commons embraces a culture of remix, which is an essential part of the web’s infrastructure. CC’s six licenses allow remix and adaptation of works to suit specific contexts and needs, and they maximize distribution and reuse.

The most commonly used CC licenses permit commercial use with attribution, which requires credit to the author. Several sites are available to find CC music, including ccTrax and ccMixter. Bandcamp, a site that pays artists for their work, also has some CC tracks. Alternatively, you can search for songs on SoundCloud or YouTube by typing in the license type. A small number of tracks are licensed CC0, meaning they are in the public domain.

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