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December 10, 2023

Vicenza Music Conservatory

Vicenza Music Conservatory Arrigo Pedrollo offers first and second level academic degrees (Bachelor and Master). For more information visit the website.

The Concerto for Two Mandolins replays several times throughout this episode. It is the music that plays when Lewis and Morse arrive at the Italian police station. The piece is by Vivaldi.


The Department offers public concerts in extraordinary historical settings. In addition to a broad range of classical repertoire, the department specializes in early music. Students learn how to perform early music using historically informed performance practices.

The RV code in the title refers to the Ryom Verzeichnis (Ryom Catalogue, often abbreviated RV) – a list of works by Antonio Vivaldi created by Peter Ryom. The piece appears several times throughout the episode – it replays at nine minutes and twenty seconds when Morse, Lewis and Claudio Battisti first arrive at the Vicenza railway station, and also at the 16 minute mark when they are walking through the strade and piazza of the city.

Patrizio La Placa was cast as Achior, and his rich baritone voice made a good impression. His phrasing and delicate coloratura were a pleasure, and he was capable of expressing full-blooded passion and anger. The aria “Te solo adoro” offered him ample opportunity to display these qualities, but he was often lost in the orchestral accompaniment.


Professional musician Stefan Gawlick has a deep knowledge of the acoustics of famous concert halls and will share with participants his experience in this area. He will also teach them how to use the microphone and soundboard of their instrument.

Participants will have the opportunity to have their compositions performed during concerts by PHACE Ensemble, Irvine Arditti, and other guest artists. They will also attend lectures and master classes on contemporary music.

Students will be able to participate in Capoeira workshops with Maestro Aranha, who is from the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. He is a member of the Beribazu group, one of the most prominent Capoeira organizations in the world.

Through Sept. 8, Jesolo, Piazza Brescia; a large market featuring hundreds of booths with local products for sale; exhibitions and old trades’ reenactments; workshops; free.


Since the early 1990s the department has involved teachers and students in numerous projects combining musicological research with historical performance practices. Its large ensembles regularly perform in extraordinary historical venues such as the Teatro Olimpico, the Church of San Lorenzo Vicenza, the Santa Corona Temple Vicenza, the Basilica dei Frari at Venice and others.

Giulia has been teaching piano and saxophone for several years in the region. She has also been a member of chamber and orchestra ensembles in various groups and has taken part in many concerts both in Italy and abroad.

Christian Paganatto began playing drums at an early age and was already recording self-produced CDs by the time he was 14. He attended the Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory of Vicenza and has been a professional drummer for over 25 years.

Silvia Buico is no stranger to the Caserma Ederle Dance program having taught Creative Movement, Tap and Ballet for over 15 years. She is always looking for new ways to inspire her youngest students and is passionate about teaching them to express themselves through the medium of dance.


The series was filmed in the wonderful cities of Oxford and Vicenza and the luscious countryside surrounding them. The director did a great job of making the most of the beautiful locations. He avoided jump cuts and over-exuberant camera work and let the scenery do the talking.

The first piece of music heard is nine minutes into the episode, as Lewis and Morse arrive at the station in Vicenza to hear Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Mandolins in G Minor. The same music is played again when Morse and Nicole Burgess drive to her villa.

The Conservatory of Vicenza was one of the first in Italy to offer both first and second level Academic Degrees (Bachelor and Master) in specific disciplines of Early Music. This includes the study of primary instruments and voice as well as highly specialized courses of theory and history focused on Early Music. The conservatory also holds several concert series and promotes research activities.

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